Kevin Bronson

Delaware Divine

If Cliff Hillis lived In L.A. he might have a posse -or at least a gig writing catchy jingles for movies or television. But Hillis lives in Delaware, where he makes earnest powerpop that is neither twee nor overblown- material that would fit snugly on a play-list with Squeeze, Teenage Fanclub and Jason Falkner.
Hillis' second album, "Better Living Through Compression," just released on L.A. indie label TallBoy Records features contributions from Mike Bitts and Steve Brown of the Innocence Mission.
  "I recorded it on my own over the past couple of years and I couldn't be happier," says Hillis, who makes a rare visit to L.A. tonight, performing at the Derby on a bill with the Eugene Edwards Band and Robbie Rist.

by Kevin Bronson
The Eugene Edwards Band not only displayed some furiously catchy guitar work last Thursday at the Derby, but frontman Edwards also virtually silenced a chatty crowd by starting the set with a riveting cover of “Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)” in tribute to Ray Charles, who died that day.